10 Best Lifestyle Blog To Follow In 2024

When it comes to lifestyle blogs, being real and honest is what matters most. As we search online, the blogs that truly grab our attention are the ones that give an unfiltered look into the lives of the writers. The year 2024 will be a standout year for personal blogs that feel relatable and connect with you on a deep level.

The blogs on this list aren’t just places to find information. They are living stories that reveal the true experiences of being human. From parents openly sharing the ups and downs of family life, to people on journeys of self-discovery and growth, these blogs will be like good friends letting you into their world.

Get ready to be drawn in by the vulnerability and realness that fills these pages. The bloggers courageously open up about their highs, lows, and the lessons they’ve learned. Their stories will strike a chord, making you feel understood like you’re part of the same community.

These lifestyle blogs are more than just outlets for the writers. They are open conversations inviting you to explore the realness of life. With each new post, you’ll find yourself nodding along, laughing, maybe even shedding a few tears, as the writers share experiences that parallel your own life.

So, get comfy and prepare to be immersed in these compelling real-life stories. They promise to expand your perspective, stir your curiosity, and ultimately inspire you to live your most authentic life.

#1 Simply2moms

Who Runs The Blog?  

Anne and AnnMarie, two longtime best friends and “family”, run the Simply2Moms blog together. In 2018, Anne and AnnMarie decided to start the Simply2Moms blog to share all the tips, tricks and wisdom they’ve learned with other moms looking to live their best lives too. 

Why should you read the blog?

  • Get relatable, tried-and-true advice from two best friends who are also moms

  • Simplify your life with tips from moms with over 25 years of experience

  • Find a warm, welcoming community of fellow moms

  • Learn homemaking skills like cooking, organization, decorating

  • Get delicious recipes for feeding a family from moms who know

  • Gain ideas for raising kids from been-there-done-that moms

  • Get inspiration for memory keeping, photography and creative outlets

  • Feel supported through the ups and downs of mom life

Main topics covered:

  • Homemaking tips  

  • Healthy family cooking

  • Simplifying life as a mom

  • Parenting and raising kids

  • Home organization

  • Memory keeping and photography

  • Friendship and community



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @simply2moms

Facebook: /simply2moms

Pinterest: /simply2moms

X: @simply2moms

#2 Crazy Wonderful

Who Runs the Blog?

Shelley, a creative and budget-savvy homemaker, is the mastermind behind Crazy Wonderful. She started the blog in 2009 as a new mom, sharing DIY projects and home updates on a budget as she renovated her family’s fixer-upper home.

Why should you read the blog?

  • Find inspiration for creating a home you and your family will love.

  • Discover DIY projects to recreate in your own home.

  • Learn tips on where to save and splurge for quality purchases.

  • Embrace Shelley’s philosophy: “Don’t wait until you have a different house. Start loving the home you’re in now.”

Main topics covered:

  • Home Decor

  • DIY Projects

  • Budget-friendly Home Improvement

  • Vintage Finds and Repurposing

  • Personal Style and Design Inspiration



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @crazywonderfulblog

Facebook: /crazywonderfulblog

Pinterest: /crazywonderful

#3 Carly

Who Runs The Blog?

Carly (Heitlinger) Riordan is the founder and runs the eponymous life and style blog CARLY. Carly’s blog chronicles her journey of building a life she loves, sharing insights on style, motherhood, hobbies, and more. 

Why you should read the blog?

  • Gain inspiration for curating a fulfilling life through Carly’s personal experiences and reflections.

  • Learn about building confidence through fashion and outfit choices.

  • Get a glimpse into the joys and challenges of motherhood.

  • Discover new hobbies and interests worth exploring.

  • Benefit from Carly’s entrepreneurial mindset, as she champions female entrepreneurship (published ‘Business Minded’ in 2021).

Main topics covered:

  • Lifestyle

  • Fashion and style

  • Motherhood

  • Hobbies and interests

  • Entrepreneurship and business



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @carly

Facebook: /thecollegeprepster

X: @carly

#4 The Blonde Abroad

Who Runs The Blog?

Kiki, a former corporate wealth manager from California, runs the blog “Blonde Abroad” after a life-changing solo trip in 2011 sparked her love for travel.

Why should you read the blog?

  • Get inspired to live a life you love through Kiki’s personal journey.

  • Discover travel tips and destination guides from her experiences in over 70 countries.

  • Find recommendations for various travel interests like nature, wildlife, beaches, and more.

  • Gain insights into solo travel, especially for women, and embrace its empowering spirit.

Main topics covered:

  •  Destination Guides

  •  Solo Travel Experiences

  •  Travel Tips and Advice

  •  Personal Growth and Inspiration

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @theblondeabroad

Facebook: /theblondeabroad

X: @theblondeabroad

Pinterest: /theblondeabroad

#5 Tech Savvy Mama

Who Runs The Blog?

Leticia Barr is the founder who runs the award-winning tech parenting blog TechSavvyMama.com. Leticia Barr, an experienced educator and parenting expert, founded TechSavvyMama in 2008 to guide families in navigating the digital age. 

Why should you read the blog?

  • Gain insights from Leticia’s extensive background in child development, psychology, education, and technology.

  • Learn practical tips for responsible technology usage and digital parenting.

  • Discover ways to nurture your children’s love for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) subjects.

  • Benefit from her real-life experiences as a parent raising teens in the modern digital world.

  • Access resources from an award-winning, widely recognized authority in the tech parenting niche.

Main topics covered:

  • Digital parenting

  • Technology and kids

  • STEM education

  • Child development

  • Online safety



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @techsavvymama

Facebook: /TechSavvyMama

X: @techsavvymama

#6 The Everywhereist

Who Runs The Blog?

Geraldine DeRuiter, also known as “The Everywhereist”, is the voice behind the award-winning Everywhereist blog. Geraldine DeRuiter is an acclaimed author, world-renowned speaker, and the creator of the Everywhereist – a cleverly written travel blog that chronicles her adventures around the world with her husband Rand.

Why you should read the blog?

  • Experience Geraldine’s consistently clever and hilarious writing on travel, dessert, feminism, and unexpected topics like Jeff Goldblum’s filmography.

  • Gain insights into the nomadic lifestyle as she accompanies her husband on his global work travels.

  • Enjoy a refreshingly candid and relatable perspective on life’s journeys, both literal and metaphorical.

  • Be entertained by her comical tales and sharp observations from destinations around the world.

  • Read the work of an award-winning, widely acclaimed travel writer and blogger.

Main topics covered:

  • Travel adventures 

  • Nomadic lifestyle

  • Humor and wit

  • Feminism

  • Food and desserts

  • Pop culture commentary



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @TheEverywhereist

Facebook: /The-Everywhereist

X: @everywhereist

#7 Backpacker Banter

Who Runs The Blog?

Chris is the solo traveler behind BackpackerBanter.com. He’s a surfer, photographer, and ocean lover originally from Devon in the UK. These days, he’s usually found somewhere warm and tropical, documenting his adventures around the world.

Why you should read the blog?

  • Get inspired by Chris’s adventurous spirit and experiences from traveling the world since 2009.

  • Gain valuable insights and practical advice for backpacking and budget travel.

  • Read honest reviews, tips, and stories from destinations like Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and more.

  • Access detailed breakdowns of travel costs and budgeting information for long-term travel.

  • Connect with Chris’s passion for surfing, photography, and exploring the great outdoors.

Main topics covered:

• Budget travel tips

• Backpacking adventures

• Country guides and reviews

• Travel costs and budgeting

• Outdoor activities like surfing and hiking

• Photo essays and travel inspiration



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @backpackerbanter

Facebook: /backpackerbanter

X: @backpackerbanter

#8 Dad or Alive

Who Runs The Blog?

Adrian and Jen, a married couple, run the blog together as they navigate life with their four children – Ava, Charlie, Mason, and newborn Evelyn.

Why should you read the blog? 

 Get an authentic, unfiltered look into the real chaos and joys of family life with young kids.

Relate to the relatable parenting struggles, wins, and unique childhood anecdotes they share.

Enjoy Adrian’s comedic writing style as he chronicles their family adventures.

Gain insights into balancing work, parenthood, and personal lives as a modern family.

 Follow their journey from Adrian’s early life to becoming an unexpected stay-at-home dad.

Main topics covered:

• Parenting triumphs and fails

• Family adventures and anecdotes  

• Juggling work and family life

• Comedy and humor in everyday life

• Childhood memories and milestones

• Personal life updates and transitions



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @backpackerbanter

Facebook: /backpackerbanter

X: @backpackerbanter

#9 Mindful Momma

Who Runs the Blog?

Micaela Preston is the founder and voice behind the Mindful Momma blog. She is a mom, author, natural living educator, and activist for safe and sustainable products. Micaela started the blog to help others make lifestyle and product choices that are better for their health and the planet.

Why should you read the blog?

  • Find simple solutions and inspiration for a healthy, natural home and lifestyle

  • Learn how to make better choices when shopping and reading labels

  • Get tips on reducing waste and being more environmentally conscious

  • Find vetted non-toxic and eco-friendly product recommendations

  • Understand nutrition facts and make healthy food for your family

  • Learn how to live a green & healthy lifestyle that works for you

Main topics covered:

Natural, non-toxic products

Green cleaning products

Sustainable kitchen products  

Natural baby products

Eco-friendly living

Clean eating



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @mindfulmomma

Facebook: /greenhealthycommunity

X: @MindfulMomma

#10 Two peas & their pod

Who Runs the Blog?

Maria and her husband Josh run the Two Peas and Their Pod blog. Maria is the main voice and recipe creator behind the blog. She and Josh share a love for cooking, baking, entertaining, and bringing people together over good food. 

Why should you read the blog?  

  • For simple, fresh, and family-friendly recipes

  • For a variety of sweet and savory recipes, indulgent and healthy options

  • Known for their extensive cookie recipe collection (around 200 recipes)

  • Get recipes from their Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook

  • Follow their family-oriented lifestyle with tips and home cooking smarts  

Main topics covered:

  • Cooking and baking recipes

  • Entertaining and lifestyle tips

  • Family, friends, community

  • Cookies (major focus with around 200 recipes)

  • Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook

  • Kid-friendly, healthy, time-saving meals



Social Media Accounts:

Instagram: @twopeasandpod

Facebook: /twopeasandtheirpod

X: @twopeasandpod

At the end of the day, lifestyle blogs are a mirror into the lives of others – the good, the bad, and everything in between. The blogs featured in this list have one powerful thing in common: the ability to make you feel seen, heard, and understood.

As you venture into 2024, keep these real, honest blogs in your personal feed. Let them be your go-to sources for a candid look into navigating all that life throws your way. Whether celebrating triumphs or commiserating over challenges, these bloggers will be the authentic virtual friends cheering you on.

Their stories act as reassuring reminders that you’re not alone on this journey called life. We’re all humans trying to find our way, make sense of things, and live with purpose. By engaging with these real-life narratives, you’ll feel more connected, inspired, and motivated to embrace your own authenticity.

So get comfy, grab a warm beverage, and lose yourself in these remarkable lifestyle blogs. The writers are serving up truth and realness – and that’s perhaps the most meaningful gift we can give each other in this crazy world. Here’s to another year of finding kinship, enlightenment and celebrating the mere sake of being human.

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