10 Best Review sites in Singapore (Latest 2024)

We Singaporeans love to read reviews before making a purchase. Whether it’s finding the best bak kut teh restaurant or the most reliable air conditioner repair service, reviews help guide our decisions. In 2024, review sites remain as popular as ever for discovering the top-rated businesses, services, attractions, and more in Singapore.

In this article, we’ll share our picks for the best review platforms to use this year. These sites make reading verified customer feedback quick and easy. We’ll tell you our favorite places to read reviews on restaurants, hotels, retailers, home services, tourist attractions, and other categories. We’ll also give tips on spotting fake or biased reviews, so you can trust the recommendations you find.

Review sites have become an essential part of the consumer process for many of us in Singapore. By relying on genuine customer experiences, we can feel more confident we’ll make satisfactory choices. We’re here to highlight the review platforms that have proven most useful to fellow Singaporeans when evaluating where to spend our precious time and money. Read on for the inside scoop!

Best Review sites in Singapore

#1 Singapore Brand

Singapore Brand: A top-notch branding platform online for SMEs and other businesses in Singapore. Singapore Brand is recognized for providing one of the best reviews in Singapore about various business services.

It shares success stories of local brands and provides effective marketing strategies. Through social media marketing and content marketing efforts, it aims to generate potential customers and increase brand exposure. By sharing success stories and offering practical suggestions, it fosters a strong business culture and attracts young entrepreneurs to contribute to Singapore’s future economic growth.

Best for: SMEs looking for online branding exposure and inspiration.

#2 Best Reviews SG

Best Reviews SG: A product recommendation service and reviews portal that covers topics ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, food, travel, and more. It independently tests and reviews hundreds of consumer products and services. 

In addition to in-depth analysis and comparisons, this portal also includes buying guides to help consumers make informed decisions. It offers pros and cons for products as well as answers to frequently asked questions. Best Reviews SG also publishes special reports that cover emerging technologies and buyers’ guides for major purchases.

Best for: Consumers looking for reliable and unbiased product reviews and comparisons.

#3 Best In Singapore

Best In Singapore: A leading media and lifestyle portal in Singapore that creates unique content and videos that reach millions of people monthly. It covers topics ranging from lifestyle, entertainment, food, travel, and more. 

This portal features exclusive interviews with local personalities and behind-the-scenes looks at hotspots. It also includes special city guides covering emerging and trending neighborhoods. Best In Singapore recently launched a user-generated content section for locals to share hidden gem recommendations.

Best for: Singaporeans looking for the best things to do and enjoy in Singapore.

#4 Smart Singapore

Smart Singapore: A website that provides the latest, most relevant, and most useful information in Singapore. It covers topics such as guides and tips, business, food, shopping, lifestyle, and more. 

In addition to guides, Smart Singapore offers product reviews across categories like tech, finance, health, and family. It provides advice to help locals make smart decisions in their daily lives. The site also publishes reports on topics like personal data protection, future of work, sustainability, and more.

Best for: Singaporeans looking for smart and practical information to make their lives better.

#5 The Smart Local

The Smart Local: An independent media publisher that locals trust for hyper-local information on what to do in and out of Singapore. It shares this through its website, YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram..

A key aspect of The Smart Local is its strong social media presence across platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It leverages influencer marketing to connect with millennials and Gen Z. The site also sends out a weekly newsletter curating the best things to do on the weekends in Singapore and nearby regions.

Best for: Locals and tourists looking for travel and lifestyle recommendations and experiences

#6 MoreBetter

MoreBetter: A local food blog that helps Singaporeans discover food. It shares beautifully shot Facebook videos and honest undercover reviews of restaurants and cafes. It also covers food news, deals, and events. 

In addition to reviews, MoreBetter features a section called Food Trails for discovering ethnic cuisines around Singapore. It also publishes an annual list highlighting homegrown brands that foodies should watch out for. MoreBetter recently launched a YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes food tours.

Best for: Foodies looking for delicious and affordable food in Singapore.

#7 CrowdReviews

CrowdReviews: A platform for making intelligent purchasing decisions. It ranks software and services based on client reviews. It has a transparent algorithm that ensures fair and unbiased rankings. 

This platform leverages AI and machine learning to detect any biases or inconsistencies in reviews. CrowdReviews offers a browser extension that integrates ratings and reviews into popular software marketplaces. It also provides APIs for businesses to showcase credible review data on their sites.

Best for: Businesses and consumers looking for the best software and services based on user feedback.

#8 Eatbook

Eatbook: A local food guide and review site that covers everything from food reviews to listicles of food trends to the latest food news. It also features videos and articles on food-related topics. 

Eatbook is known for its visual storytelling, with vibrant images and descriptive writing that make readers feel like they are dining at the restaurants. It also spotlights hidden gems and hole-in-the-wall eateries beyond popular hotspots. The site has an Eatbook Top 50 list that is updated monthly.

Best for: Singaporeans looking for what to eat in Singapore, the best food in Singapore, and good food nearby.

#9 BestReviews

BestReviews: A website that does its own testing and research to provide the best product reviews and recommendations. It has over 40,000 reviews across 27 categories and 435 subcategories, ranging from electronics to home to lawn & garden and everything in between. 

In addition to conducting labs and surveys, BestReviews also examines social media comments around products to ensure comprehensive coverage. The site buys between 5 to 12 units when testing to account for variability and defects. BestReviews also publishes detailed reports on site metrics and testing methodologies for full transparency.

Best for: Consumers looking for the ultimate product review site with over-the-top testing.

#10 ThreeBestRated

ThreeBestRated: A website that handpicks the top three local businesses, professionals, restaurants, and health care providers in Singapore. It checks their reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost, and general excellence. 

This platform goes beyond just reviews by providing in-depth profiles on the top picks in each category. It conducts extensive background research, reaching out to existing clients and interviewing professionals in the field. The site offers side-by-side comparisons of the top contenders. Additionally, it publishes regular reports on industry trends and emerging players worth watching. 

Best for: Consumers looking for the best local businesses and services in Singapore.

Benefits of Review Sites

  • Save time and effort by reading aggregated customer reviews rather than evaluating every business yourself. These sites do the legwork for you.
  • Reduce risk by considering other customers’ honest assessments. Their perspectives help you avoid pitfalls and mistakes.
  • Discover “hidden gems” you may not have found on your own, thanks to reviews highlighting standout businesses.
  • Feel confident about big purchases knowing your choice was based on detailed research. Reviews provide reassurance.
  • Share your own experiences, good and bad, to play a helpful role for other consumers.
  • Access crucial information 24/7 through convenient mobile apps and websites. The insight you need is available anytime.
  • Make informed comparisons by easily cross-referencing establishments. Reviews allow quick overviews of options.
  • Get the inside scoop on products and services before trying them out. Reviews share specifics that ads and marketing materials often don’t provide.
  • Enjoy a sense of community by connecting with fellow customers who share their detailed experiences. Reviews can feel like word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Have an outlet for your voice to be heard. By contributing reviews, you play a role in influencing businesses and assisting other consumers.
  • Drive competition and improvement by motivating businesses to get positive reviews. They strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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