6 Methods to Personalize Your Home Space Organized living room

collected living room with records
Louis Duncan-He

There exist numerous uncomplicated adjustments you can implement in your living area to ensure it better mirrors your distinctive personal taste and truly feels like yours. Below, designers offer a handful of valuable suggestions on infusing ample personality into any size of living space.

Exhibit Artwork

Consider creating a small gallery in your living room. “Art always adds a personal touch to a home,” says Michelle Gage of Michelle Gage Interior Design. “You can accumulate pieces gradually over time from travels, local markets, and galleries.”

Do not feel compelled to follow trends; focus on pieces that resonate with you. “Choosing something that aligns closely with your personal style always leaves a lasting impression,” Gage remarks. “Moreover, you can attach memories to your new cherished find.” Whitney Riter Gelinas of Wit Interiors concurs. “There is no ‘right’ art type as it all depends on the emotions the piece elicits in the viewer,” she explains. “Recently, some of our food enthusiast clients had us frame menus from Chez Panisse and French Laundry to reminisce about those meals for years to come.”

Original abstract art in living room JK Interior Living

original abstract art in living room
JK Interior Living

2. Highlight a Passion

There are alternative creative ways to showcase a love for food and cooking in your home. “One of my passions is cooking, and I enjoy collecting various salts, herbs, and spices that I’ve come across,” shares Peti Lau of Peti Lau Inc. “I prefer storing them in unique ceramics of varying sizes and shapes to add a personalized touch to my kitchen.

Or perhaps you are fervent about the humans and pets in your life. “Displaying photos—with matching frames in different sizes for consistency—of your favorite humans or pets engaged in adventures serves as a reminder of wonderful times with great company,” Lau suggests.

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Louis Duncan-He

3. Revamp Your Wall 

Colors Regardless of whether you rent or own your space, painting can be used effectively to transform selected rooms. “Painting is an excellent method to personalize a space,” remarks Gelinas. “The cost is minimal, yet the impact can be significant.

Think beyond just painting the four walls. “Consider thinking outside the box—could you paint a feature wall a vibrant color? Or maybe a ceiling that could benefit from a splash of color? We enjoy using painter’s tape to create geometric patterns like stripes,” Gelinas advises.

Do not hesitate to take risks. “Opting for bold paint, drapes, or accessories is relatively simple, but if you are unsure about a bold tile or cabinet color that you adore, seek a designer’s guidance to help you make a decision,” comments Isabella Patrick of Isabella Patrick Interior Design. “A considerable part of what we do for clients involves providing support while assisting them in identifying what they love. If hiring a designer is not feasible, enlist a trusted friend to help you feel confident in making a bold move.” Blue wall in bedroom Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

blue wall in bedroom
Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

4. Reconsider Your Lighting

Do not feel constrained by plain, standard lighting fixtures just because they are already in place. “Layer your lighting in every room,” advises Jocelyn Polce of August Oliver Interiors. “Harsh overhead lighting can create a sterile and basic ambiance. Consider the space’s uses and the atmosphere you wish to establish.”

Utilize lighting to introduce texture and playfulness into your space. “Incorporate lamps with patterned fabric shades to introduce a design element, or place a small lamp on the kitchen counter on a tray for ambient lighting,” suggests Polce. 

5. Purchase Only Items

You Adore Filling your home with items that you find especially appealing will make any space feel more like your own. “If you urgently need a new sofa and hastily buy one during a major sale, you might get a good deal but end up with a sofa that never quite aligns with your actual style,” warns Patrick. “It is preferable to spend an extra $500, pay full price, and truly love it.”

In the same vein, avoid acquiring items simply because they appear to be a good bargain, Patrick emphasizes, adding, “The exception.”

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Erin Williamson Design

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6. Have confidence in the design choices you make for your home

It’s important to prioritize what appeals to you personally, even if it may not please everyone else. Embrace your unique design aesthetic to truly make your home feel like your own. Instead of following trends just because they’re popular, focus on what truly speaks to you.

In today’s digital age, trends are easily accessible through the internet and social media. However, it’s not necessary to follow every trend that catches your eye. Consider a more traditional approach when designing your space.

Look beyond online platforms for inspiration. Explore design books, travel experiences, visits to museums, and other sources to find ideas that resonate with your personal style. When you come across a captivating room on social media, pinpoint the specific elements that draw you in. By understanding your preferences, you can incorporate similar concepts into your home using colors and brands that align with your unique taste.

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