10 Best Handyman Services Singapore: Cheap 24-hour home repairs

Growing up, my dad was the handyman of my house – he did everything from drilling to fixing power points and even plumbing. I assumed it was the norm for every household – until I moved out.

My husband and I struggled to assemble furniture we bought from IKEA and Taobao, and had no idea how to fix simple things, save for changing a lightbulb.

That was when I dove into research, looking for the best and affordable handyman services in Singapore. Of course, my dad was the cheapest (read: free) option, but he was getting on in age and I didn’t want to trouble him too much.

10 Best Handyman Services Singapore

I do not gatekeep, so here is a list of the 10 best handyman services in Singapore that I’ve found for home repair works, furniture assembly, and basic electrician works.

Handyman SingaporeContactBest for…
Everyworks Singapore8241 0032Best overall handyman services
LS Handyman6854 4999Cheap handyman services
HDB HandymanTown Council WebsitesReliable handyman services
FixinGuru8797 9735Apartment handover services
Mr Handyman9821 141324 Hour handyman services
Sendhelper by PropertyGurusendhelper.com Convenient handyman services
A1 Handyman8241 0032Wall installation handyman services
PS Home Maintenance 6854 4958Plumbing and lock handyman services
Honest Handyman8756 4321IKEA/Taobao furniture installation 
Qualeap HomeCarousell @qualeap_homeHome appliances repair services
Everyworks Singapore Best overall handyman services Singapore

Everyworks Singapore

Best overall handyman services Singapore

One of the biggest handyman service companies in Singapore, Everyworks provides most services from plumbing and electrical to installation and replacement and even aircon servicing. With an average rating of 4.9 stars across almost a thousand reviews combined on Google, I would say they are pretty reliable. 

Most reviewers recommend their electrical services, and their customer service appears outstanding with quick and helpful responses, and follow-up appointments if something goes wrong.

However it appears that their aircon services are more lacking, as they do not specialise in it. Nonetheless, Everyworks Singapore is able to provide good handyman services overall, with their pricing available on their website.

Contact Everyworks Singapore via Whatsapp at +65 8241 0032 or visit their website.

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LS Handyman Cheap handyman services Singapore

LS Handyman

Cheap handyman services Singapore

LS Handyman is another reliable company that provides handyman services. They have an average rating of 4.8 stars with a whopping number of reviews (more than 1,600 at time of publication), and many have engaged them for various services. 

Apart from the regular handyman and plumbing services, LS Handyman also provides more specialised services like carpentry, plaster and ceiling, and even door installation services. Their customer service is also very prompt and responsive, and they provide upfront quotations before proceeding.

Numerous reviews mention that their pricing is affordable and fair, so if you’re looking for cheap and reliable handyman services, check out LS Handyman.

Contact LS Handyman at 68544999 or make an appointment enquiry here.

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HDB and Town Council Handyman Services Reliable handyman services

HDB and Town Council Handyman Services

Reliable handyman services

As a HDB dweller, I wish I knew earlier that the HDB and town council websites actually have a list of recommended registered contractors that can fix up our homes. NTUC previously offered a Home Services referral program that was free for all, but unfortunately it is now only available for NTUC policyholders.

Newer HDB flats come with certain items installed by HDB, such as the bomb shelter door and laundry drying rack, and luckily, HDB has a list of registered contractors that have expertise in fixing these items. 

Each town council also engages term contractors that can do minor repairs in your home, such as checking and resetting your circuit breaker (MCB), or fixing your rubbish chute door. As these contractors are verified and registered to carry out specific repair works, I would definitely trust them to do a good job.

Do take note that different town councils have different contractors that will only service specific areas, so check your own town council’s website for its list.

List of town council websites available here and HDB registered contractors can be found here.

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FixinGuru Apartment handover services


Apartment handover services

Most folks living in a rental property would probably be well-acquainted with the landlord’s handyman, as afterall it is the landlord’s responsibility to fix most wear and tear issues.

However, after hearing so many stories about landlords from hell who make unreasonable requests, it is a good idea to make sure that the property is at least in a good condition before returning it.

FixinGuru not only provides handyman services from plumbing to painting, they also offer an apartment handover package that includes cleaning and repair services to help ensure that you get back your full security deposit.

Prices are transparent and available on the website, and a quick search on Google shows mostly 5 star reviews. They appear to be trustworthy and you should have a peace of mind engaging them.

Contact FixinGuru at 8797 9735 or visit their website to find out more.

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Mr HandyMan 24 hour handyman services Singapore

Mr HandyMan

24 hour handyman services Singapore

Disaster strikes at any hour and it is possible to wake up in the middle of the night to unfortunately find your toilet flooding from a burst pipe. To reduce water damage in this situation, it really is best to fix the problem immediately instead of waiting till the next day. Mr Handyman provides 24 hour handyman services that can help in such emergencies. 

Apart from plumbing, they also offer 24 hour electrician services to fix any electrical problem. Looking at the recent spate of fires arising from charging of devices, electrical issues really need to be taken seriously.

Mr Handyman also specialises in carpentry works, and can help if you need help with customization. They also have a good work ethic and go above and beyond to offer helpful advice.

Contact Mr Handyman at 9821 1413 or visit their website to find out more. 

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Sendhelper by PropertyGuru Convenient handyman app Singapore

Sendhelper by PropertyGuru

Convenient handyman app Singapore

If you are hesitant to engage a handyman by yourself, consider using Sendhelper by PropertyGuru. The service providers on their platform are verified with background checks done, and have a good track record. They offer most handyman services, from electrical work to plumbing and general repairs.

Simply schedule a date and time and describe what service you need, and Sendhelper will match you with a suitable handyman on their platform. In addition to handyman services, they also offer cleaning and even cooking services as a one stop platform.

Payment is done through the platform and they also provide a 60 day workmanship warranty to ensure a job well done.

Download the Sendhelper app on the App Store or Google Play or visit their website to enquire.

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A1 Handyman Singapore Best wall installation handyman services

A1 Handyman Singapore

Best wall installation handyman services

A1 Handyman is another reliable company in Singapore that provides handyman services. They have an experienced handyman team, and offer a wide range of home services. From their Google reviews, they do excellent work on rubbish chute replacements as well and wall installations from paintings and TV mounts, to pull-up bars and window blinds.

They are also available 7 days a week, so you don’t have to take precious leave days to fix any problems in your home. Pricing is also reasonable and their price list is available on their website. 

Contact A1 Handyman at 8241 0032 or visit their website to learn more.

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PS Home Maintenance Best plumbing and lock handyman services

PS Home Maintenance

Best plumbing and lock handyman services

Established in 2018, PS Home Maintenance may be a relatively young company but they are made up of a team of experienced professionals and have managed to grow a sizeable customer base. 

They are known for their plumbing services, and are able to fix any water leaks and replace pipes efficiently. Replacement and fixing of door locks is also their specialty, and they can do it with minimal damage to your door.

A plus point is their friendly and responsive customer service that will follow up on any problems. If you’re having some toilet bowl or tap problems, do enquire with PS Home Maintenance for a quote.

Contact PS Home Maintenance at 6854 4958 or enquire here.

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Honest Handyman Best for IKEA, Taobao furniture installation

Honest Handyman

Best for IKEA, Taobao furniture installation

IKEA and Taobao may offer a huge range of stylish yet affordable furniture, but there’s a caveat – everything requires DIY and self installation. IKEA offers installation services which can be pricey, and Taobao offers no such option. This is where Honest Handyman comes in, as they offer installation services for your self-installed furniture.

They are well experienced in installing IKEA and other furniture, and have the necessary tools and accessories like nails and wall plugs even if it is not provided in the setup. The Honest Handyman team comes highly recommended on Carousell as they are able to work quickly and efficiently with their experience.

If you want to ensure your furniture (especially wall hanging cabinets) are installed safely and properly, consider enquiring with them.

Contact Honest Handyman at 8756 4321 or on Carousell

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Qualeap Home Best electrical handyman Singapore

Qualeap Home

Best electrical handyman Singapore

Home appliance repair is often overlooked in Singapore as a common mindset is to throw out spoilt items and buy a new one. For larger appliances, many approach the manufacturer only for them to charge an arm and leg for a simple repair. Some handymen are actually able to do easy fixes, and I found Qualeap Home (or Eeson) highly recommended on Carousell for home appliance repair. 

Eeson is able to diagnose and repair many appliances, from cooking hobs to ovens and even fridges and washing machines. He is very responsive and knowledgeable, and even advises on how to take care of your appliances.

He charges very fairly for his services, and I am definitely checking with him if any of my appliances break down. 

Contact Qualeap Home on Carousell.

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DIY home repairs falling out of trend in SIngapore. Man holding a wooden stick while drilling a hole. Image from Pexels

DIY Home repairs unpopular in Singapore

My good friend was describing how her husband had fixed their leaking air-conditioning unit the other day.

“The water was so dirty!” she exclaimed. “And he still went ahead and tried to fix it himself!”

Now, how many of us would roll up our sleeves and get out the toolbox when the pipe springs a leak? I don’t know about you, but I’d very likely reach for my phone and Google “aircon repairman” instead because I’m too lazy to do it myself, and besides, I would rather pay a professional to do the job rather than risk it with my lack of expertise.

I know there are others who share my sentiment because there is a distinct lack of DIY culture among Singaporeans, according to analysts, and it’s a big part of the reason Home-Fix DIY stores are shutting down islandwide. 

I’m sad to see the chain go, to be honest. In spite of the fact that I’ll never make it as a handyman, I’ve always liked wandering around the aisles browsing the things on offer – cordless drills, electric saws, spray paint canisters – and imagining how they would improve my house (not to mention how cool I would look wielding them). Despite their varied nature, they all did the same thing: they held the promise of a better home and life.

Yet, these stores are almost always empty, a testament to the lack of DIY enthusiasm among Singaporeans. Most of us are busy with work and other commitments, and when we need a project done quickly, we simply pick from a wide array of well-reviewed, available-within-24-hours service providers.

Does this signify the death of the local DIY scene, though? Perhaps not. From what I’ve seen, Singaporeans are not completely averse to doing small projects on their own, where the job is simple enough. But it’s perhaps not enough to sustain larger chains like Home Fix DIY, which are geared to a niche market of home improvement enthusiasts.

For these smaller, more general DIY projects, there’s always the convenience of heartland homeware stores that sell bric-a-brac, such as wall putty and assorted screws – and it seems like those aren’t going to go out of business anytime soon. The DIY culture here may not be thriving, but it’s definitely not dead.

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