20 Kids Furniture Ideas in Singapore

Looking for practical and beautiful furniture, accessories, and home appliances for your children’s bedroom, play or study areas? Here are some ideas to get you started.

iloom Singapore (Korean kids furniture brand)

If you live in an apartment with limited space for your kid’s room, a good solution is to create an adaptable sleeping and study room with a bunk bed from Korean brand Iloom (above), which has a loft bed accessible via a ladder. The sheltered space underneath the bed works wonderfully as a study or play area.

Iloom kids bunk bed (above pictured) retails for $2,219 at Metro.


Kids Haven (Singapore kids furniture shop)

This Little Forest Teepee Camper brings the joy of the outdoors home to your kids, come rain or shine. Featuring a solid New Zealand Pinewood frame, these enchanting teepees are a great way to engage your child’s imagination and sense of play.

Little Forest Teepee Camper retails for $149 at Kids Haven.

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W Atelier kids furniture

This scaled-down version of the original Vitra Eames Elephant can be used to decorate children’s bedrooms and playrooms or to brighten rooms with neutral colour schemes. Its compact size also makes it easy for kids to carry it outside or even bring it on a car ride.

Minin Vitra Eames Elephant retails for $525 at W Atelier.

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Iloom Singapore

Suitable for toddlers, Iloom’s bunny, polar bear and dinosaur armchairs were designed with a wide base to prevent children from falling and to help them sit with better posture. The chair’s water-resistant PVC covering makes cleaning up food spills a breeze.

Iloom animal armchair retails for $189 at Metro.

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Reduce your child’s allergies or asthma symptoms and keep indoor air cool and clean with Dyson’s new and improved Purifier Cool. Engineered to capture allergens, ultrafine dust, and potentially harmful volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, this fan and air purifier combo is a useful addition to any space where kids spend a lot of time.

Dyson Purifier Cool retails for $1,099 at www.dyson.com.sg and at Dyson Demo Stores.

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Kids Haven

Not just a snug spot on the floor for reading, playing, or drawing, the HYGGE Colourful Hopscotch Rug, which includes an anti-slip base, also doubles up as a hopscotch game for your child and their siblings or friends.

HYGGE Colourful Hopscotch Rug retails for $79. Available at Kids Haven.

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Cilek Car Bed (Türkiye kids furniture)

Perfect for young ones who dream of being race car drivers, these car beds by European furniture brand Cilek are made with durable polystyrene material that mimics the sleek shine of a real sportscar. It even includes LED headlights.

Cilek car bed retails from $439 upwards at Kids Haven.

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Kids Haven

Ideal for playrooms and toddler bedrooms, the FIJN White Star Bench, which comes with one, two or three storage drawers, is great for organising toys, books, or bedding. The storage bench’s timeless Scandinavian-inspired aesthetics allows it to complement many different interior styles.

FIJN White Star Bench retails from $249 at Kids Haven.

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Ashley Furniture

If you’re looking for a cosy and sophisticated small sofa for a teenage girl’s room, consider this Macleary Loveseat from Ashley Furniture Homestore. Its deep green velvet upholstery, throw pillows, and sleek brass legs will certainly add a touch of sophisticated luxury to your teenager’s chill zone.

Retails for $2,098.30 at Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

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Iloom Singapore

Constructed with rounded corners and edges lined with urethane foaming bumpers, Iloom’s Cabin 800W Peanut Desk Osla was designed to help prevent injuries in rooms where kids run around a lot.

Retails for $159 at Metro.

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Space Furniture

Designed in collaboration with Italian luxury fashion brand Moschino, Toy by Kartell is an adorable teddy bear that’s also a bedside lamp. It might encourage restless tots to crawl into bed early just so they can turn on this cute night light.

Retails for $510 at Space Furniture.

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Kartell Kids Furniture

Kartell’s iconic invisible table is available in a kid’s version with colourful graphics designed by Tokujin Yoshioka. Combining practicality and lightness, this piece can jazz up even the most minimalist of children’s craft corners or breakfast nooks.

Kartell Kids Table retails from $1,030 at Space Furniture.

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Iloom Chair

School-aged kids spend much time at the desk reading and doing their homework, which can result in back and neck strain. This height-adjustable Iloom Ringo desk chair can easily be adjusted to fit a child’s body type, which can help reduce the strains. It’s a comfortable desk chair that will make schoolwork a little more pleasurable.

Iloom Ringo desk chair retails for $339 at Metro.

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Ashley Furniture

A versatile drawer with a clean and classical look, the sturdy and durable Westconi Chest of Drawers from Ashley Furniture HomeStore can accompany your child from infanthood to their teenage years, even as you update the design of their bedroom over time.

Westconi Chest of Drawers retails for $1,390.02 at Ashley Furniture HomeStore.

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Vitra Verner Panton Chair Junior

A Vitra classic, Verner Panton’s Panton chair is well-loved for its modern, sculptural design and ergonomic form. Made of durable and easy-to-clean vibrant-coloured polypropylene, the Pantone Junior is about 25 per cent smaller than the adult version and great for indoor and outdoor use.

Vitra Verner Panton Chair Junior retails for $390 at W Atelier.

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Kartell Foliage Armchair

If you’re looking for a comfy chair that you or your child can use when it’s time for bedtime stories, then this plush Foliage armchair by Kartell, available in various colours, might just be what you need.

Kartell Foliage armchair retails for $3,010 at Space Furniture.

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Dyson Floor Lamp

To help your kids maintain healthy eyesight, it’s crucial to ensure that reading and study areas are equipped with good lighting. Designed to reduce eye strain and improve visual performance, Dyson’s Solarcycle Morph is a unique task lamp that uses daylight tracking technology to provide indirect, feature, ambient or task lighting.

Retails for $1,199 (floor lamp) and $799 for (desk lamp) at www.dyson.com.sg and at Dyson Demo Stores.

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Vitra at W. Atelier

Make learning how to read time fun for toddlers with Vitra’s Zoo Timers wall clock. Designed by George Nelson in 1965, these delightful clocks come in the form of an owl, elephant, and fish.

Vitra Zoo Timers Wall Clock retails for $305 each at W.Atelier.

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Cilek Montessori Wardrobe

Keep nurseries and children’s bedrooms clutter-free with this simple and beautiful three-door Cilek Montessori series wardrobe, which includes plenty of shelves and hanging bars, adjustable doorknobs, and a green door panel that doubles up as a writing board.

 Cilek Montessori wardrobe retails for $1,199 at Kids Haven.

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Kartell’s Polvara

A timeless classic from Kartell’s Polvara is a modular bookcase that can be reconfigured to meet your child’s changing storage needs as they grow up. Drawers with panels in bright blue, yellow and red are a great way to add splashes of colour to their room.

Kartell’s Polvara retails for $4,170 at Space Furniture.

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